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Fluffy Cats and dogs cc sims 4

A Sims 4 custom content set

This cats and dogs cc sims 4 includes 16 items:
1. Rattan dog bed | 2. Wicker cat bed | 3. Rattan cat bed | 4. Potty pad rug | 5. Toy chest wicker basket | 6. Food bowl | 7. Automatic feed (functional) | 8. Litter box | 9. Rattan chair | 10. Bone pluchie toy | 11. Mouse pluchie toy | 12. Sardine pluchie toy | 13. Cat tree | 15. Pillow & blanket  


This is a set around pets ! There are very few functional options available over there so I thought I would give it another go after the Piwi set that I made for TSR last summer. This one is created around rattan and wicker for both cats and dogs. I added a rattan chair + pillow + blanket and a basegame/decor version of the wicker basket for those who don’t own the DLC. So at least you get a little something too 😉


  • Includes 16 items.
  • Most items REQUIRES Cats & Dogs DLC pack. Only the chair, pillow, blanket and wicker basket are basegame.
  • You’ll need RAVASHEEN’s Potty Pad MOD for the Rug to be functional. Even if you already have it, PLEASE REDOWNLAOD because she made modifications especially for me so it could be compatible.
  • The animation on the cat tree is a bit glitchy, but that’s the best I could do. Sometimes the cat will be floating next to the tree, and the position for the scratching post is a bit displaced. Sorry ! Still sucks at tuning 🙁
  • Most item are reasonably high poly. Please use with caution on low end computer.







/!\ Ravasheen’s mod is still not fixed so the Potty pad will not get dirty (but can still be used). I will let you know when this is fixed so you can redownload !
Please let me know if you have any trouble with my content 🙂

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