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Birthday set


Today is my birthday ! For the occasion, I made a set for decorating a birthday event. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to create functional food yet, as making recipes is still too difficult for me in terms of tuning – so the cake and pastries are for decoration only. Hopefully, this will be something I can achieve in the future !


  • Includes 15 items for The Sims 4.
  • Everything is basegame compatible.
  • Food is decor only.
  • Items are optimized: some are low poly, some a bit higher but never more than necessary. Higher items are the : the table cloth (16k) the pastries trays (15k) and the cake (8k).
Let me know if you encounter any problem with the links or the content. Enjoy ! 




[UPDATE 02/02/2022: The Cake is now available in an edible version. You’ll need SYB EATS mod to summon it ingame]

Birthday Set

A Sims 4 custom content set

Includes 14 items:
1. Metal chair | 2. Dining table | 3. Tablecloth | 4.Garland | 5. Cake | 6. Balloons | 7.8.9. Pastries tray |10. Present | 11. Strings curtain | 12. Table display | 13. Papercups |14. Present

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