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What am I getting today ? A new furniture ! A fun decor clutter ! An amazing build item !

Monopoly board game

Functional as a chess board with english & simlish swatches.

Vintage camera

Decor OR compatible with Ravasheen's ISOLOVE photo mod


Christmas Clutter

Snowflakes Decoration

For all 3 heights

Candy jar

Christmas clutter

Light garland

Animated & For all 3 heights

Ceramic houses

Functional candles

Glass bell with lights

Functional lamp

Flickering christmas tree

Animated lights

Armchair & cushions

Christmas clutter

Wrapping gift

Christmas clutter

Wooden train

Animated toy

Angel candles

Christmas clutter

Reindeer toy

Functional for kids & toddlers

Christmas cracker

Functional with the free holiday DLC

Ice sculptures

Decor items

Lamp post with lights

lamp + middle light + Wall version

Star arch

Lighted at night !

Dog house

Lighted at night ! (Cats & dogs DLC)

Double bed

Functional animated bedding

Dining table & chair

10 swatches

Blanket rack

Decor item


Decor item

Decoration box

Clutter item