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Winter holiday seasons decor trim cc sims 4

A Sims 4 custom content set

This seasons decor trim cc sims 4 includes 9 new seasons trims:
1. Pine natural garland | 2. Pine with gold decoration garland | 3. Pine with silver decoration garland | 4. Red holly garland | 5. White holly garland | 6. Light garland | 7. Icicles | 8. Red ribbon streamer | 9. Gold ribbon streamer


Ravasheen and I are very proud to present you the very first CC decor trims ! Those are not overriding and are fully functional ! You’ll only need Seasons DLC, as the function itself is   part of this pack.  You’ll get 9 new trims with one that is lighted and animated !


  • Includes 9 new decor trims
  • Everything is lowpoly
  • The trims are not overriding and requires SEASONS DLC.
  • Place the decoration box from seasons and click on decorate with your sims in live mode to find the new trims in the menu that will opens !  There are one light garland, one icicle, 2 streams and 5 garlands.
  • Tuning is included !



Let me know on my discord if you encounter any trouble with my content !

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