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Unicorn birthday cc sims 4

A Sims 4 custom content set

This birthday cc sims 4 includes 19 items:
1. Drink | 2. Candy jar| 3. Wall balloons  | 4. Unicorn balloon| 5. Paper garland | 6. Candy bowl | 7. Cake box | 8. Birthday cake (edible or decor version) | 9. Gift bag| 10. Floor ballons | 11. Welcome sign | 12. Rainbow neon | 13. Papercups | 14. Paperplates| 15. Plastic cutlery| 16. Napkins pile  


For the occasion of my birthday I wanted to make something special for birthday parties, and as I already made generic one last year, I was looking this time for something cooler. Like unicorns !

This new set contains everything to organize the best party ever ! The cake is functional and edible ! You can summon it by right clicking on the cake box , which will generate a ready-to-eat cake in its inventory.

Everything else is decor, the welcome sign has a simlish version, and most items are available in 6 to 8 pastel swatches. Hope you’ll like it !


  • Includes 19 new items
  • Everything is basegame compatible
  • Everything is lowpoly except the cake (6k)
  • Welcome sign is available in simlish.
  • The cake is summonable with the cake box, but I also included a decor version.
  • You’ll need SYB EATS mod for the cake box to be functional !





You’ll need SYB EATS mod for the cake box to be functional !

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