Speedmeshing video : Creation of an Art deco screen in Blender and Substance Painter

As asked, I made a speedmeshing video about the creating process of one of my future item. You’ll see that I use a photogaphy reference and often go back to it to keep proportions and style authentic, even if the result at the end differs a bit.

This is just a recording of my screen without music or explanations about how I create my objects for The Sims 4. Don’t hesitate to comment if you have any questions with the timeline, I’ll gladly answer it 🙂

To give you an approximative time, the normal length of the video is around one hour (I cut pauses). 

From 0:00​ to 3:00​, you have the meshing in Blender 2.76.
At 3:00​, there’s the UV unwrapping process
Starting 4:24​, you’ll see the texturing part in Substance Painter
At 8:20​, I’m baking the texture in Blender 2.79 (to get the Principled BDSF shader)
Finally, at 9:05​, I come back to Blender 2.76 to finish the item (duplicating parts, removing unecessary polygons)
At 10:05​, you can see the result ingame 🙂

Hope you’ll like it ! This object will be part of a future TSR set !

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