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Perigord country build cc sims 4

A Sims 4 custom content set

This country cc build set includes 14 items:
1. Slate roof | 2. Old square tiles roof | 3. Double door | 4. Arch (available for 3 wall heights) | 5. Square window | 6. Bull’s eye window | 7. Stone fence | 8. Double rectangular window | 9. Single rectangular window | 10. Shutters | 11. Fence gate | 12. Modular gutter | 13. Trellis (available for 3 wall heights) | 14. Corner stones (available for 3 wall heights) | 15. Stone stairs | 16. Monochrome tulips | 17. Assorted tulips | 18. Rose bush | 19. Dahlias | 20. Stone wallpapers | 21. Floor paving, pebbles and gravel | 22. Terracotta planters


This is a french countryside house build set, created while focusing on a specific region close to where I live: the Perigord. This set was supposed to be a small one with basics build items but as I made progress, I added more and more items to end with 40 objects ! I could add even more variations but I was becoming tired of it and as usual, possibilities are endless…

With this set, you’ll get 5 stony wallpapers, 3 floors with paving, pebbles and gravel, a stone staircase, a double door and 4 windows with assorted shutters and an arch (available for 3 wall heights), 2 new roofs, a stone fence with its gate, a modular gutter, some stone corner for all wall heights, a wall trellis (in 3 heights),  4 new terracotta planters and 3 bought and converted flowers (tulips, rose bush and dahlias, my favorites).

The ivy’s I promised will come on a separate set later as I was growing tired and wanted to work on something else, and it has been a week already since my last set so at least you can enjoy this 🙂 I’ll also post the build of this house later, probably after the ivy one ! 🥰


  • Includes 40 items
  • Everything is basegame compatible
  • The corner stone might have some strange shading either outside or inside – this is not something I can change. This is because of how the game generates light and shadows depending on interior or exterior and this item being in both, it can acts weird.
  • I couldn’t change the wall of the stone stairs, so I included it on a separate file. You’ll find the matching stone wallpaper in masonry.
  • All file are optimized, and the highest polycounts are the plants (15k for the rose bush, 5k for the dahlias and tulips) and the arches (4k,5k and 6k for short,medium and tall)





Please let me know if you encounter any trouble with my content 🙂

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