Morgane Kid Bedroom set

This is a set for kids (child or toddler), with fully functional assorted furnitures. The objects comes in vivid colors or neutral wood to mix and match according to your taste 🙂

//Warning\\ The custom animated top bunk bed is from PandaSama and need to be downloaded separately. My set includes only recolors. The only default of this item is that it won’t be possible to assign the bed to a Sim so you’ll have to manually send the kid to bed in order to be used. Another pathfinding bug can occur if you place an object to the left of the stair: that’s why I put the opening of the curtain to this side to avoid this.

  • All items are basegame compatible and fully functional ! 
  • Includes 13 different items
  • All meshed by hand
  • Most items are low polycount except for the fabric which are a bit higher but still optimized. The textures of the fabric items are also HD for greater details !

2 thoughts on “Morgane Kid Bedroom set”

  1. I’ve never commented on anything in my life lol, but you do some amazing work and you keep it simple and easy to access. Thank you so much

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