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Medieval tavern build lot sims 4


This build was used to make the previews of my new Taverne set released for the Arcan Illusions collaboration for The Sims Resource. It’s built to make a bar, but it’s actually just a generic venue as requirements are not filled: those will mostly depends on the context you are going to use it so I let it to your imagination. 


  • Lot is build on winderburg (40×30) 
  • Place the tray files in My Document > Electronic Arts > The Sims 4 > Tray
  • If you download the Mods folder, make sure to extract the zip file in a folder where all my previous downloaded cc are so you can choose to ignore duplicates and avoid having twice the same items (it can slow down your computer)
  • Use bb.moveobjects before placing the lot
  • Lot hasn’t been playtested so I don’t know if everything is functional, but it should be! (meaning I didn’t over clutter it and respected EA’s placement)


Tray files only


Mods folder with CC and tray included

The build is also available on the gallery
(EA’s id: #Syboulette)
Please let me know if you encounter any trouble with my content !

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