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Happy staircase cc sims 4

A Sims 4 custom content set

This cc sims 4 includes 24 new items, maxismatch, lowpoly & basegame compatible.

  • Build: Two stairs (one with natural woods and sisal carpeted pattern and one with natural sial but 26 color swatches), a railing and an assorted fence.
  • Wall: Seamless wallpaper with assorted painted wall.
  • Furnitures: 5 modular shelves, stackable to build the perfect understair.
  • Lighting: Ceramic wall light
  • Decor: Muddy adult and kid boots, umbrellas in wicker basket, sisal baskets, books (left & right), assorted sisal pattern rug, wall frames, potteries decoration
  • Plants: A hanging plant, a small fern and a flower vase bouquet.


This new set is all about the space under the staircase ! With this new pack, you’ll get two new staircases (one with pattern, and one without but with multiple painted colors or natural wood swatches), assorted railing and fences, and a modular shelving system that will go under. You can use both sides as standalone or against the wall, it will work however you place them. Along with it, multiple clutter to fill the shelves or the walls, among with new wallpaper and painted color walls. Everything to make a bright and cheerful staircase area !





Check this page to learn how to install CC or if you encounter any problem with my content. If it doesn’t solve your issue, please join my discord.

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