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Copperdale High School build lot sims 4


Here’s my version of the new Copperdale High School ! I used the original floor plan with a little bit of tweaking (added an infirmary and put the library on the main floor to let the gym take all the basement space). It is playtested on my own playthrough and functional so far 🙂


  • Tray files only or mods included available for download (/!\ Big file: 1go)
  • Warning: Some items I used was made a long time ago and can be higher poly. On low end computer I recommend for example replacing plants and trees by EA’s ones.
  • Lot size: 64×64 (never again 🤣)
  • Requires High School DLC to be functional. I also used some Ecolifestyle and CityLiving items for the art rooms)


Tray files only 


Tray files + Mods folder included 

I recommend to have all my cc in one folder and unzip build cc folders inside of it so it overwrites content you already download to not create duplicates !

Instruction to install build lots.

Please join my discord if you encounter any problem with my content.

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