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Bonjour front doors cc set

A Sims 4 custom content set 

Bonjour front doors cc set includes 13 items:
1. Industrial frame & wood door (medium height) | 2.3. Vertical lines wooden door in 2 or 3 tiles (short height) | 4. Steel grid door (short & medium heights) | 5. Textured double door (short & medium heights) | 6. Textured open door arch (short & medium heights) | 7.8. Metal and wood frame door in 2 and 3 tiles (short height)  | 9. Numbered wooden door (numbered frm 1 to 9 – short & medium heights)


This is a small set about front doors ! I noticed that there are very few of them over there, so I wanted to make some specific that I always wanted in my game. I didn’t make a range of heights like I’m used to because i felt it was not appropriate to their design, so they are either short only, or with medium size version. Hope you’ll like it !


  • Includes 13 items 
  • Everything is basegame compatible
  • Everything is low poly



Simfileshare isn’t what it was and nowadays, doesn’t work most of the time. If the link is down, either try to refresh or use the other one !

Please let me know if you encounter any trouble with the links or content !

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