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Boho mojo cc set preview in green and original version swatch. Custom content fo the sims 4 by syboulette, with a cozy and boho style bedroom items to download

Boho Mojo bedroom cc sims 4

Boho Mojo bedroom cc Sims 4 custom content set

This boho mojo bedroom cc sims 4 set includes 35 new items, basegame compatible and maxis match.

  • Comfort: Double bed (with frame or separated), headboard (narrow or with shelves), fur stool, leather weave bench

  • Functional: Vanity table (functional with Glamour DLC but basegame compatible), alarm clock (functional with Lot 51 SUNRISE mod), modern radiator (one or 2 tiles, basegame compatible but functional with seasons or for rent DLC)

  • Decoration: Wall art frame, wicker mirrors, peonies vase, linen curtain (available in short, medium and tall height, right and left separate + rod for unlimited width), upsidedown book, bag and camera on hanger, overlayed rugs, hat boxes

  • Storage: Wardrobe (available in close, open and no door versions), hanged clothes

  • Plant: Small succulent, Monstera plant

  • Activity: Painted guitar

  • Lighting: Wicker wall light, Hanged rope ceiling light (available in 2 heights)


“Boho Mojo” is here! 

Transform your space with 35 new items that bring a modern and cozy vibe, featuring bold patterns, soft warm wood, and intricate details. While everything is basegame compatible, some items offer enhanced functionality with the right DLC or mod, such as the alarm clock, radiators, and the vanity table. Perfect for creating a stylish and comfortable environment, “Boho Mojo” combines elegance and practicality for a truly unique interior.


Early access
on my patreon !

Public release the 29th of june 2024.

Check this page to learn how to install CC or if you encounter any problem with my content. If it doesn’t solve your issue, please join my discord.

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