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Apolline Lounge Corner

The starting point of this set was the record player. I wanted to create a home area that wasn’t particularly a livingroom or a kitchen, but a more cosy and personal space to listen for music and relax in a confortable and warm environment.

The full set is available at TSR.

All items are base game compatible. The turntable acts like a stereo.

This set includes:
– Record Player 
Vinyl Storage
Amplifier Hifi
Vinyls stack
Vinyls pile
Leaning vinyl
– Throw Blanket
Floor lamp with sidetable
Mural wallpapers

>> Download the full set <<

tumblr 7e2e896140006b9f7d623b9af72cfeda 75363bd2 1280


Download the recolors HERE

tumblr 4e49da6d9f9a37f4523da4c30b8d82a5 34530b55 2048


Download the recolors HERE

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