Agnes Bedroom set

I finally finished it ! This set is my first -kinda- high poly as i’m really restricted on TSR. I’ve been able to ease my frustration in smooth fabrics and round objects !
This set includes 33 different items for a bedroom in a minimalist concrete style, with a modular closet decoration that goes with it.
//Notes\\ I tried a new way of clipping the clothes to the closet, following the technique by Ravasheen. The clothes will only stick to the rack and won’t clip to other container slot: just hover the cloth onto the rack. Only my hanged clothes are compatible with the rack (but you can still use moveobjects and 0-9 if you want to includes other creators cc clothes). Unlike the shoes shelf, where any cc shoes will fit on it, and will rotate automatically !
  • All meshed by hand
  • The amount of polygons varies depending of the item. Generally, the fabric are medium/high polygons and other objects are low poly.
  • 4 different beds and three integrated wall lights: for tall, medium and short wall – and a classic frame with no strings.
  • Everything is basegame compatible and the closet is functional.
Let me know if you encounter any problem with the links or the content. Enjoy ! 


Google drive



[27/06/2021: Updated slots and tuning of rack and clothes to fit new system of EA’s Home decorator DLC]

Agnes Set Preview tumblr

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