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Advent Calendar 2020 custom content Sims 4


Advent Calendar 2020 ! This set was an interactive advent calendar especially for my Patrons !

Every day, Patronswere able to connect with their Patreon login to my Advent Calendar page and click on the box of the day. They got one item per day, which could be a decor, a furniture, a build item… And not necessarily linked to christmas. It was random ! 

Moreover, I have gave half of my december’s pledge to the “Restos du Coeur(Restaurants of the Heart), a famous french caritative organization who provides hot meals for homeless and people in need. Because of the pandemic, they had twice as many requests this year ! I felt like solidarity was really needed nowadays.


  • The amount of polygons varies depending of the item. Some are low poly, some higher.
  • Everything is basegame compatible and functional/
Let me know if you encounter any problem with the links or the content. Enjoy ! 



You can get individual objects on this patreon page (free) 

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